About Me

Welcome to my blog. My intent is to create an online archive of memories that my kids, and hopefully their kids, can look back on many years from now. I believe my generation will likely be the last to rely solely on some dust-covered photo albums tucked away, somewhere, in the homes we grew up in. Memories are now just a few mouse clicks away.

I’m also a photography enthusiast, which means I enjoy taking photos (knowing that I don’t have to be great at it). So don’t confuse enthusiast with professional – a pro would know the purpose of all those buttons and dials on my Nikon D70 D90 D600 D810 D500. Oh, and backing up my new Nikon is the ubiquitous iPhone. At any rate, I do get lucky at times, and so “My Galleries” is a look at my favorite, and therefore my luckiest, shots. Anyhow, take a look around, and let me know what you think.

Regards – H. Spencer Long

BTW: the photo across the top is of (from left to right) Eric, Christy, and Nigel taking in a summer sunset at Brickyard Pond in Barrington, RI.

2 Responses to About Me

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  2. Sue Gomes says:

    Spencer, you do not give yourself enough credit. You are so much more than an enthusiast. I loved your photographs. They are beautiful, breath taking and evoked so many emotions as I viewed them. You are so talented. I truely enjoyed viewing your photos. Thank you for sharing.

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