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Plug your ears and look up!

We brought the kids to their first Rhode Island Air National Guard Air Show today, and now I know why we didn’t take them sooner. They’re wise enough now to plug their ears at the first mention of F-18 Hornet. … Continue reading

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You and your big mouth.

A couple of baby Sparrows in the backyard birdhouse wait for mom’s return.

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We’ve got the Blues…

Uncle Martin invited Eric and me for an evening of Bluefishing last night. We put the boat in the water in Cowesett, and then set out for waters near Rocky Point. An hour or two of trolling produced no results, … Continue reading

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Last Cast

Eric preps his rod and lure for one last cast before we head home. We came up empty tonight. We often see fish breaking the surface at Brickyard Pond, but we’ve had no luck catching them. Not sure whether they’re … Continue reading

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Littlest Transformers

Christy received her mail-order caterpillars just over a week ago. And now? Now they’re Painted Lady Butterflies. Christy tells me she named each one, beginning with Christy Junior, of course. The caterpillars stayed in their shipping jar for a few … Continue reading

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Fake Out!

This Piping Plover was hit by some buckshot, or so it would have me believe. More like feigning a broken wing, as a diversionary tactic, because I must have been walking a little too close to its chicks. Eric and … Continue reading

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Splish-splashing explorers

The kids finally talked me into wading in the water at Brickyard Pond this past weekend. I’m not sure why I waited so wong to go wading; that’s my deliberate attempt at alliteration. More like illiteration. Click here to see … Continue reading

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