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They say it’s my birthday….

“Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to meeeeeeee. Happy Birthday to me.” My mum used to sing this to me over the phone every year on June 26th. Donna and the kids are at the beach … Continue reading

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Messing with shutter speeds

I took this shot a couple weekends ago with a slower shutter speed – half a second. The idea was to get the moving water to blur slightly, while keeping all else in sharp focus. It seemed to work, thanks … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day!

Thanks, Eric and Christy, for my new ties. I love them!

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Debut post using Blogger

This is my first blog post using Google’s Blogger. If all goes well, I may be leaving WordPress behind. So all the stuff posted below this was PAINSTAKINGLY copied and pasted from WordPress. I have a long way to go.

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A real tear jerker…

I just saw for the first time my Sweet Pea teary eyed during a sad scene in a movie. Luckily this one has a happy ending. I asked Christy, age 7, the name of the movie, and it’s called Felicity.

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Eric waits patiently playing second base. Note: ready position actually means bending your knees with your glove at the ready. Seven-year-olds can only maintain that position for so long, and I can’t blame them; there are no strikeouts in Junior … Continue reading

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Lillies in the front yard

More flower photos…these lillies were in bloom right after the Iris saw its last days (at least until next year).

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